Brand Applications

March 7

Revisions: application to letterhead, business card, envelope, full page magazine ad.

4.1 Letterhead, Business Card, Envelope: this will include printing and paper specs. Limit to 2 or 3 colors or 2 colors and one special process (i.e., embossing, die cut , varnish).

4.2 Full Page Print Magazine Ad: the first piece of an advertising campaign that extends the client’s brand and communicates the product offerings to the target audience. May use product photography and text to support communication.

March 21

Roughs: digital ads, outdoor advertising format, storefront signage.

5.1 Digital Ads: extending off the magazine ad, develop ads for two sizes of digital ads (see Google Adwords sizes)

5.2 Outdoor Advertising Format: at least one, such as bus stop, billboard, side of bus or a guerrilla marketing idea.

6.1 Store Exterior: How the visual language of the brand is applied to the exterior of a retail store. Elements will be rendered onto a photo or illustration of a space that reflects the architectural feeling of your brand. Requirements: Branded Sign and at least one of the following: Awnings, Building Painting/Mural, Vinyl on Glass, etc.

March 28

Roughs: Internal store display, one other extension of your choosing.

6.2 Store Interior: product display and at least one of the following: Interior Graphics (wall painting or posters), Wayfinding Signage such as Bathroom or Order Counter Signs, etc.

7.1 Brand Extension of Your Choosing: this application should be selected based on fit for your brand and target audience. You may also consider need for your own portfolio. Consider the following options: e-commerce website, rewards app, package design, catalog,  email newsletter campaign.


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