Outline of Final Presentation

Your final presentation will be presented and delivered to me digitally, in the form of a one multi-page PDF document. Each bulleted item below represents a separate page in your final presentation. Each page should be purposely designed, utilizing a common labeling system with information such as your name, project name and name of content on that board.  You may also provide any other files to demonstrate your interactive mockup, if applicable.

  • Strategy Board including  competitor research and naming exercise.
  • Inspiration and Sketches for your cover images (keep in mind that I did not require a certain number of thumbnails, but I will grade based on your efforts, so it is to your advantage to show all sketches). These can be scanned or photographed and placed in.
  • Covers for 2 issues, utilizing a common masthead, shown together on one page.
  • Infographic map of app architecture and wireframing.
  • Usability test results, presented visually.
  • Layouts within app, shown in multiple states on a tablet screen. You were required to produce at least a table of contents, two articles and other other type of content such as an infographic.  How you present these and communicate the interactivity is up to you. I recommend mocking them onto a dimensional image of a tablet screen and use photos of hands interacting with the app. You can do this using stock images of tablet and hand, or if you know someone with a tablet, load up flat JPGs and take pictures of actual hands interacting.
  • Page detailing your fluid design rules, and examples of an alternative layout in horizontal iPad format and one other device.
  • Utilizing selected content from the previous pages, design a concise one or two page presentation for possible use in your portfolio. This will require you to be selective in what you show, and creative use of layout to present elements of both print and tablet in one view.

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