6.2. Usability Testing

Process for Usability Testing:

STEP 1: Produce your mockup using one of the methods listed previously.

STEP 2: Find at least three “users” to test on. These users should not be classmates and ideally, should not be designers. We are looking for unbiased perspectives here. The less knowledge they know of this project, the better.

STEP 3: Without telling them the concept of your magazine, ask each user to briefly explain what they think the purpose or theme of this publication is.

STEP 4: Ask each user to perform at least three pre-written scenarios. These tasks should be things they could feasibly do with the content you have available. For example, you suggest a scenario in which they want to learn how to identify a barn owl. They would need to determine what section to go, figure out what article to look at and navigate to that piece of information. Take detailed notes of your observations, paying special attention to their first instincts and errors when trying to navigate your app.

STEP 5: Produce a written and visual report of your findings. You will have one page of your final presentation that overviews this testing. Using screenshots of the pages of your app, digitally draw lines over the top to point out observations and problem areas in your navigation. Your findings will be presented in this infographic-esque format.

Some helpful articles on usability testing:
Running a Usability Test


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