1.2. Content Selection

Next, utilize those competitor magazines that have similar content to your proposed magazine and select articles to select content that you want to use in your layouts. You will not be replicating any design or images from this, only borrowing the raw text content. If you are referencing a magazine published online, you may be able to copy and paste some text. Otherwise you will need to retype the content from a printed magazine. Save the text as raw unformatted text using TextEdit or a similar program.

Full text of two feature articles: pull the full text of at least two articles. These will be feature articles on your two different issue covers and be the articles you provide layouts for.

Content for one interactive-dependent feature:  in addition to the two feature articles, you will be designing one interactive-dependent feature that leverages interactive features to organize content such as an infographic, step-by-step recipe, etc.

Extra headlines:  find a bunch of other headlines and subheads that could be used other pretend content in the magazine.  The other headlines and subheads will be used as other articles that are listed on your cover and table of contents, but you will not be actually laying out content for those articles.


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